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How Regular Aircon Maintenance can Save You Money!

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning is one of the important appliances for our home. As it provides thermal comfort and a high quality of air, we should also provide care maintenance for it. Changing the AC appliance is costly than having a maintenance.

Here are a few tips from Billy Aircon Servicing Company at Singapore that your AC system is in need for care and maintenance:

If a burning smell is coming from your Air-con unit after the heater is turned on, if you can smell a strong odor of fuel,  if carbon monoxide goes off from your HVAC unit, when the heater is not functioning, your system is producing loud and unusual noises, rattling, buzzing and banging and last but not the least, if your electricity bill is increasing.

It is important for every homeowner to think carefully the regular care and maintenance of their home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Here is the reason from ACCA why your regular aircon maintenance can save you money:

After a month or two of using your unit, dust and dirt are ingrained on the surface of the appliance, hence it may impede the quality work of the unit. It might even damage the system and might result in poor airflow and inadequate cooling, thus a maintenance of your AC can give a better efficiency of the unit.

If the unit is in need of maintenance, it will not operate in its high-quality performance and this might lead to an increase in energy consumption. If your unit is an updated, clean and properly serviced then you have a system that has a high- quality performance, optimum performance means low electricity usage. Giving a good care of your HVAC unit can reduce costs by not having the need for repair costs and higher electricity bills.

To maintain the aircon unit is a preventive measure for your appliance not to easily get damaged. A regular tune-up of your unit can detect small problems and are immediately responded thus fewer repairs is needed.

You may also want to avail an air-conditioner maintenance program in your community, some subscription program membership can allow you to receive a smaller pricing or a special pricing on their services or the parts that need repair. This might also help you save a quite amount of money.

Having your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system checked and maintained regularly is the best way to ensure that your appliance is still safe and has an optimum performance. This does not only save you from a costly repair or to buy for another AC system but also, it will improve your home’s indoor air quality. Find out more about aircon services tips at

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Homeowner Checklist for Hiring a Qualified, Pro Plumber

There are different plumbing system in a house— the water supply system, the drain-waste-vent system, the kitchen plumbing system, the bathroom plumbing system. A home plumbing system is a complicated network of pipes, it might be a water supply pipes, drain pipes and vent pipes The plumbing system of our home is an important part of the house to maintain and secure since it is the costliest system to repair and needs understanding for its complex system.

To maintain and secure your plumbing system, you need a plumber. A plumber is a person who specializes in installing and maintaining plumbing systems for drainage and sewage or for the home’s water supply. You need a qualified and professional plumber to ensure an efficient plumbing system in your home.

You should find a plumber whom you can trust. To do this, you have to ask for some recommendations as to who their plumber is, and ask them what the plumber did for them and the reason why they recommend the plumber.

Hiring a plumber might be costly for you, to have an efficient yet affordable plumbing system and plumber. Try estimating your plan and ask the plumber if the budget fits with his professional fee and if the budget can provide an efficient plumbing system.

According to, A qualified and pro plumber must have these skills, interests, and values:

  • He or she ensures the safety standards and building regulations are met during the installation and maintenance.
  • He or she is aware of the legal regulations and safety issues in plumbing system installation and maintenance.
  • He or she must know how to test the pipes of the plumbing system for leaks using the air and water pressure gauges.
  • He or she must know how to join pipes and fit pipes together by using soldering technique, compression fittings, threaded fittings and push-on fittings.
  • He or she must know how to measure the length of the pipes needed for the plumbing system.
  • He or she must know how to measure, cut, bend and thread the pipes of the plumbing system by using hand and power tools or machine.
  • He or she must know where to locate and mark the positions for pipe connections, passage holes of the pipe and fixtures of the pipe in the walls and floors of your house.
  • He or she must have an experience in installation, repair, and maintenance of domestic, commercial and industrial plumbing fixtures and systems.
  • He or she must be an expert in criticizing inadequacy of the plumbing appliance and system.
  • He or she must be a reliable expert in diagnosing the cause of the fault of the plumbing appliance and system.
  • He or she must have a quick and excellent solution of the fault of the plumbing appliance and system.
  • He or she must know how to read the specifications and drawings to determine the best layout of the plumbing system to supply water and for the waste and venting system.

With the checklist, we hope that you can find the qualified and professional plumber you have been looking.